Posted by: simplyscrambled | March 23, 2009

Hot potato

M – Last Saturday was the first outing Mango had which did not involve errands or the like. We went to a relative’s (and her fiance’s) engagement party. It was crowded and busy there. Good thing it was a casual affair, because otherwise I doubt there would have enough room accommodate everyone. Their gathering was probably bigger than out entire wedding ensemble. At any rate, it gave us a chance to have Mango wear something other than a sleeper. While sleepers are wonderful articles of clothing, for various reasons and they can be pretty, they do not have the range other outfits have. She had a top and a bottom (in theory we could have mixed and matched, but it was sold to go together) along with socks and a jacket. Quite the belle of the ball. Of course, her socks had a tendency to ‘fall’ off and the celebratory area was to warm for her jacket, but things went well. She was handed off to various attendees (some of which Ihad never met) and cheerfully greeted each new ogler as if it was the most natural thing in the world. It was nice to step out for a while, even if we did not stay overly long (somehow we forgot her soother/suckie back at home), and there was a fair amount of stimulation including a cacophony of noise (which doesn’t seem to bother her, but may have exacerbated her restlessness). Still, it was her first party (as compared to a small social gathering) – which she still managed to stamp her name on (just spoken in jest of course). Of course some people ignored her utterly and others just cooed in passing, but she made enough of an impression on those who wandered over or strolled past, that I was able to blend in to the background and not have to be socially smooth (which I am not).

All gussied up.

All gussied up.



  1. wow! she’s so big now! (love J)

  2. She IS big! Congrats on braving your first social engagement en famille, and yes, babies are excellent people to hide behind!

  3. lol. Thanks 🙂

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