Posted by: Partial parent (still scrambled) | March 21, 2009


M – People tell us how easy we have it, and that may well be true, but that does not make it any easier right now. During an outing earlier on, D looked at a newborn baby and wistfully remarked that Mango was so much bigger than before and how much she had changed. This observation already? It has only been 10 weeks and life is so much calmer than before. What was remembered most was how adorable, how cuddly, how cute she was. I think back and recall the tears and the wishes that she would grow out of whatever crisis she had piled upon us that day. If it has been like this so far, one dares not imagine what she will bring to us in the years to come. For now, we appreciate everything (except when Mango is crying and we doesn’t come with a solution on how to cause a cessation therein).

Once again though, it has to be noted how much we appreciate the help showered upon us. If it were just the 2 of us (or 3, depending on how you look at it), it would be a lot easier to become frazzled about everyday things. Having additional people around makes it easier to bypass all those things that bother us just momentarily, but in reality are nothing more than little, meaningless, and largely inconsequential irks heightened by lack of space, both mentally and physically.

This picture is just a way to remind us that even though we feel she has grown quite a bit already, it has only been 10 weeks (today) since she was born. Still feels  amazing and unreal at times. As a side note, while it takes longer to get ready (and go) somewhere and there are more things to lugs around and remember, Mango’s well-being is always a reason to have to leave social occasions. Not that we would though. 😛

Where is everyone? Ooh, an aquarium!

But I'm not tired.


  1. aaah, my crib is so nice…I like sleeping in it…

  2. can someone please explain to me why I am facing the computer monitor…for entertainment, to fall asleep easier, to learn to read faster; not to be distracted by the images reflected by the closet door mirror or any other reason?!

  3. Maybe it is overstimulation Oma. Take a cue from Mango and look away at times. 😛

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