Posted by: Partial parent (still scrambled) | March 20, 2009


M – Times and people change. For example, we go to a clinic weekly and this time we noticed that Mango was the biggest baby there. We saw a tiny one (not as cute, of course) and remembered how Mango was one of the smallest ones there the first we ventured out to the clinic. By now, all the staff, volunteers, and students know us and can welcome us by name – well, at least Mango. However, I am getting sidetracked here. I wanted to post about the fluidity of things and my thoughts wandered off down another path, fortunately somewhat related to the topic. I remember the first few baths and how Mango hollered. She still does complain occasionally, but relatively rarely. After bathing her, she gets all wrapped and snuggly in a hooded towel and she smiles like a cherub in the light. I’ve been told that soon enough bathing will involve more struggling again, but conversely, in that she will not want to get out of the water at all. I do remember getting wrinkly fingers and toes in the water when I was young, so I can quite easily picture her laughs and smiles as she merrily splashes water all over the bathroom. We’ll find out soon enough and look back fondly and sadly to the times we had (are in the midst of) right now.

Mmmm. I feel great.

Water baby.


  1. water sure can be fun…just wait…the splashing gets going once Mango sits on her own…and later on then, in the regular bathtub toys (plastic cups, plastic bottles and what not) will be enjoyed immensly…the fun will never end…just think back to your own childhood…you all may have a fond memory or two…

  2. True enough.

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