Posted by: Partial parent (still scrambled) | March 18, 2009


M – Sometimes memories can be hard to save. For example, most people do not like to sit still for pictures while being bitten by mosquitoes. Most do not being photographed while sleeping. Personal poetry or diaries are rarely shared willingly. In this case, Mango did not want to assist us in creating a scrapbook page for her to look at in the years to come. All we wanted was a hand- and foot-print for the page. While she was still in a happy mood, we managed to get a sole of hers on the ink pad. That wasn’t appreciated and her sunny smile was rapidly by a cloudy frown. Before she had time to register the strange damp feeling on her foot, we managed to get a reasonably good footprint.

I don't like this at all.

I don't like this at all.

This did not go over well at all. We tried for the handprint, but she would have none of it. After a few futile attempts to uncurl her fist (her fingers are strong already, we cannily waited until she fell asleep. As she slept, we managed to ink her hand (she tends to relax while sleeping; hands, legs, and everything else). We opened her hand and stretched out her fingers. Still nothing. An open palm awaited us and the page, to be inked into posterity. Life is good when outwitting a baby nary 3 months old. Granted, there were three of us and one of her (well, more like two, as someone had to take the pictures.)  Casually we inched her hand toward the paper. Wham. One hand curled into a ball and fled behind her ear, inking up her hair nicely on the way. Wails erupted as she tried to squirm out of our grasp. Desparately we grabbed the other and slammed it onto the page. Well, we got a lovely smear circled by some of our own fingerprints. I hope she will be happy in the future looking at her footprint while hearing the story about the hand that got away. So much for outsmarting a baby. However, in the picture below, you can see one of her footprints already on the page.


 (Editor’s comment: the story as depicted was slightly embellished for entertainment – but not all that much)



  1. Lucky you and good job! I never did manage to outsmart my light sleeper so I have 2 unrecognizable foot smears in the baby book for my future readers.

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