Posted by: simplyscrambled | March 15, 2009

Mango mania

M – Life goes on and we don’t always feel as good as we would like. Ergo, lack of post recently. That and the menagerie of visitors we have been entertaining (Mango is the one who is the primary centre of attention). I have the feeling that if we end up having visitors on a regular enough basis, we might need a larger abode. While it can be great having people over, it can get a little hectic too. I have no complaints and it is nice for Mango to practice her social skills, but it may be overstimulating at times, as she is often asked to entertain/pose/be quiet on demand. Granted, that is something we as parents also wish of her and something she does amazingly well over these last number of months. However, I do not want her to become a toddler in a tiara (unless it is something she chooses, of course).

By now she does carry on an occasional conversation with others, she doesn’t actually say too much. She mostly smiles and sticks her tongue out at you, as shown in the picture, but it still is pretty neat to be a part of.

Aha! *blows raspberry*

Um, just learning my fine motor skills...

So, sick or not, I am happy to be here and have life going the way it is. All this will change and I want to soak up as much as I can (exploding diapers excluded). Aaah.



  1. life’s ups & downs…too much or too little…very quiet or too hectic…seldom the happy medium!!

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