Posted by: simplyscrambled | March 13, 2009


M – This post is primarily just typed up as an excuse to put up another picture of Mango. She is not doing anything spectacular, just being herself, but I like that anyway. She survived her shots, her hair is still untamable, and she keeps us up all hours of the night. Still, I don’t really mind. Sure it is tiring when things need to get done, but we survive and she goes on being her cute self. We discussed it and it has been decided that we are feeling more like ‘real’ parents. We are okay with leaving the condo to brave the outdoors (as long as our destination is very close to where we park, involves warmth, and if it is not too windy outside). IN the near (but still vague) near future, we plan on going out when there is not an appointment involved. Maybe one of those restaurants filled with screaming children already, so we can sneak in and if something goes wrong, no-one will hear us.

Exercising my cuteness.

Exercising my cuteness.

As you can clearly see, there is absolutely no connection between the post and the picture. I suppose there could have been a picture of her first bandage, but her chubby cheeks paint a much prettier picture of what we see on a daily (and nightly) basis.

Okay fine. Here is her bandage. D was cringing more than Mango when we (I) took it off.

My first flesh wound. Do I look cool?

My first flesh wound. Do I look cool?



  1. what happened to those newer bandages that don’t inflict pain when being removed?!

  2. If you would like an indoor outing look into stars and strollers. Famous players highlights one movie a week and the sound is turned down and the lights not full dark. Many parents park their strollers along the front row or bring the car seat into the seats. I had a weekly date with another mom and you may “join” the group who are all going through the same thing. I had a blast -till Aidan learned stairs then I couldn’t watch him and the show.PS-kids are free.

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