Posted by: simplyscrambled | March 11, 2009


M – Well, I have seen how much Mango has been changing over the past two months. By the token though, she has remained true to who she is. I remember the first night I saw her and there was a tangle of hair from the start. Even now, her hair rarely stays down for long, fighting to go back to the was it was – all mussed up, like she has just gotten out of bed (which is often the case). The advantage she has over us is that people think babies are cute at that age, no matter how messy her hair is. We get mere snatches of sleep and are expected to look presentable in public when in reality it is an effort just to go outside at all.

Love me, love the hair.

Love me, love the hair.

We are getting more comfortable braver now and take Mango out at least once or twice a week. It is only a start though, as unfortunately the weather has been too cold (um… darn it) to go for walks with her when we have enough time. We are lucky to have heated indoor parking, so that makes the beginning and end of each trip sooo much easier. As for these weekly outings, it only involves getting her into the carseat, go for a short drive, and returning to the warmth/safety of the parkade. While we have taken her outside sometimes, it has only been to scurry from the car (if possible, parked somewhere warm) to a nice warm building. We can come up with reasons galore if you ask us why we don’t share the crisp winter/spring air with her, so save yourself the effort. 🙂



  1. when the weather was milder for a few days, Mango had some fresh air at home drifting in through the opened tiny-weeny opened balcony door…aahhh some great fresh air!!

    today was Mango’s first vacination and she did just fine…the next ones are due at 4-6-18 months! also weight gain, growth etc. she passed with so to speak “flying colours”…

    audiology screening will be done tomorrow…and we know already that she can hear because today the ringing of the phone woke her up and made her cry out loud, briefly, before going back to sleep! everything is okay!!!

  2. Very true. We are very happy about everything. We have heard how lucky we are – and we know it. She keeps us smiling.

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