Posted by: simplyscrambled | March 9, 2009

Our doll – for now.

M – Mango is already stubborn, which I attribute to her mother. If she is awake, nothing short of an earthquake with wake her (an exaggeration of course). However, if she is asleep her body goes all limp and pliable as a  ‘Raggedy Ann’ doll (I still remember her from my youth). Even putting a soother or bottle in her mouth does nothing aside from having her press her lips firmly together so as to not allow ingress. Her legs are strong too. If she tenses her legs, she can support her weight for a short time unassisted (aside from making sure she does not tip over). Her kicking is similar to that and if you are not ready, she can squeeze pretty far out of your grasp. It’s a good thing I have long arms. 😛 Her neck, while not that of a lumberjack, is strong enough to hold her head quite nicely. We are lucky that she cannot roll over quite yet, although she is nearly there too. On her belly, she lifts up her head, her arms, and her legs (it looks like she is flying) in an attempt to flip over. If she only knew that having an arm sticking straight out just makes it harder to change sides, she would already be there and we wouldn’t be able to leave her for a moment. At least now we can still get the laundry without her being half way across the room when we get back. Soon though…

Just you wait...

Just you wait...

While I am looking forward to the next milestone, I am dreading it too. No longer can we leave stuff strewn about all willy-nilly, everything will have to be moved and out place rearranged to make it safer for her. Kind of like an extreme spring cleaning. I am also thinking about lack of freedom for us. Less long naps, more constant attention to her, leaving us very little time to take a breath and ready ourselves to re-enter the foray of our life. I have very little time hammer these posts out, let alone read anything more than a page or two long. I have yet to finish a novel since the beginning of January. C’est la vie. all part and parcel of being a parent. The adventure continues.



  1. one challenge managed/under control (like nursing and weight gain!) the next one is just around the corner (like rolling over!)…parents, you always need to be one step ahead of the game…it is called being proactive…keep it up!!…don’t be caught napping?!

  2. OOOhh I remember that! I missed reading sooo much. But, she is your living story- and the climax will be worth waiting for.

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