Posted by: Partial parent (still scrambled) | March 8, 2009

Bedtime bonding

M – We are really grateful for the easygoing nature of Mango. We also like her pleasure in cuddling up to one. The innocence and peace in her face along with the total limpness of her limbs makes me feel I have to be the best I can for her. Both of us enjoy just being with her (as do others, I’ve noticed) and holding her close. She may get a little cranky from time to time, but figuring it out as a percentage of a 24 hour span, it only averages about 4 or 5%. Cute and charming. How can we complain? Even at night, although one of us stays up to ensure she stays asleep after the initial closing of her eyes (it usually takes a few attempts – she seems to fight sleep off for as long as possible), she tends to be satisfied to be alone for 5 or more hours at a stretch. One of the difficult things is having to wake her when she looks so peaceful while sleeping – someting we have to do to make sure she gets enough energy in her as she tends to squirm about quite a bit during the day, and that does burn up those calories.

Peace enough for two
Not wanting to let her go to bed

What else is there to say? Even without sleep, it is hard to imagine or even want our old life back.

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