Posted by: Partial parent (still scrambled) | March 7, 2009

Experience and understanding

M – I feel different right now somehow. Instead of just having gotten Mango to sleep, I am waking up to get things ready for her next feeding. It is a change I sort of like, even if I used to end up going to bed later – before Mango was in our lives. That does not lessen  how tired I may feel, just when I feel it. I hate having to wake up before I have had enough sleep; having to rip myself out of bed, cursing silently as I stumble over unseen things in the dark.

Someone earlier on agreed that one of the main reasons babies make it into children, etc. is because they are so cute.

So peaceful

So peaceful

We also felt that it easier not to judge someone else harshly for ‘doing such a bad job raising him/her’, because she lived through raising a child already  and I in going through it right now. We understand better now and are far more forgiving, having lived it. To reiterate a thought I had on an earlier post, I am amazed again about how single mothers survive these early months.

Life is complicated and never seems to get less so. Every time one thing is resolved another bump/pothole appears in the road of life (well, mine anyway) – deep eh? 😛

Until next time faithful readers, next time. Remember to find a way to enjoy your life every day.


  1. all those sacrafices loving parents of a new-born make…and they are in the best interest of the little miracle… of the oh-so-cute-baby…and they will go on a life time!! Keep on enjoying your Mango!!

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