Posted by: simplyscrambled | March 4, 2009

My pillar

M – Some days (early mornings – usually nights that have not yet ended) I wonder if I can keep this up. Long days/nights catering to Mango, with me scrambling to type something out for whomever to see on this little blog. That is why I have no pithy quotes or deep insights or the like, as I am too busy getting through one short nap at a time.

Love for all

Love for all

At this point, I must thank beyond thoughts of gratefulness my partner in all this, D. While being the person who does the majority in easing Mango’s life, she goes out of her way to worry about mine, finding ways to shoulder some of the burden I carry. While I try to do what I can, it never feels enough. The devotion and determination there inspires me to KNOW that we will work. We are similar but have enough differences to have that synergy. Just like when you break a few eggs, you can make an omelette.

More together.




  1. You are definitely one lucky dude!

  2. And don’t I know it 🙂

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