Posted by: Partial parent (still scrambled) | March 3, 2009

A hard-won gift

M – Y’know, just when everything settles down into a survivable rythm, things change and force us to revamp everything, including sleeping patterns.

A sister brought us some pictures of Mango upon her delivery – don’t worry, I won’t put up any of them. They reminded me of how we any most people we knew waited for 2009 and our baby.

Just waiting...

Just waiting...

While the photos we got were nice to look at, I could see the signs of a battle recently won. She was battered and bloody – and beautiful. Everyone in the room was helpful, but there were only two in the room for a few brief moments there.

Our life is much different than  it was a few short months ago. While I would not say we are wiser, I do know that we no longer run in circles every time we hear a sound from her.


  1. …and what a sweet gift she is…a gift never in a million years to be returned or exchanged…she sure is a wonderful miracle to be enjoyed forever and ever…she is not demanding but still she has managed to turn her parents’ life into total chaos turmoil…(for now, sleep deprivation has become the norm for them!!)…who needs a good nights sleep anyway when there is sweet Mango to be loved and adored…nothing else can be more important…

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