Posted by: simplyscrambled | March 2, 2009


M – I am tired. It has been another 18 hour day so far, and Mango is still wide awake – she must be on her 27th wind by now, because she is supposed to be a fed a minimum of 8 times per day, preferably 10 or 12. That work out to every 3, 2.5, or 2 hours between feedings. Even if this were tenable, it takes about an hour to complete a feeding (don’t ask), so imagine how little sleep we are getting around here. Especially when Mango is unwilling to go to sleep immediately after each feeding. We feel so tired having to wake up and so awful for having to wake her up so often. I wonder how long these professionals fed their child every 2 hours. I am amazed at how well D copes, as there is little irritability voiced, let alone physical breakdowns. All because we lost 2 ounces in a week span. That is one eighth of a pound, and we are reprimanded for not feeding her enough, as we are not exactly on par with the average weight gain. It’s an average, not an absolute. To get an average, some must be higher, some must be lower.  Being .125 of a pound below average is not dangerously low, at least in my opinion. They say things like “we are little worried about the loss in weight”, and “oh, that doesn’t look good – you should must to feed her more”. If we hadn’t changed changed Mango’s diaper before we went, I doubt they have even noticed this drastic weight loss. Professionals.

So now she finished feeding 30+ minutes ago, is just falling asleep, and will have to be woken up and fed again in 45 minutes. To be a bit more humane,we will wake her an hour later, although it will mean an extra feeding later on. This picture, by the way, is just one example of how happy she looks when we have to wake her for a feeding.

Soooooooo tired...

Soooooooo tired...

I am getting a lot better at navigating this place in the dark though, I have to admit. During the day, she falls asleep with noise and bright lights, but when evening comes, her eyes pop open – even with everything turned off and being in the dark. She just looks out of the bassinet and coos to herself. It’s a good thing she still so cute (and her smile – forces one out of you too, no matter how tired either one of us are).



  1. okay, i feel bad now for having poo pooed your concerns, without knowing the back story. my opinion on the feeding is that it works out best for all concerned to feed on demand. She’s a healthy baby, well past being a sleepy newborn, and she’s more than capable of waking up and letting you know when she’s hungry. honestly, let the poor thing sleep, she’ll feed a greater amount less often, which will be nicer for you guys and give her time to sleep and grow (and gain weight). You’re bang on when you say the weight (loss?) is even an issue. Maybe just weigh her less often. That should make it a non issue.
    Just give it a try for one 24 hour period. see how it goes. leave her be to decide when she wants to nurse, see what happens.
    sorry to hear that you’re both so exhausted. sounds brutal.

  2. had a great time with Mango today…just the two of us interacting for an hour…and Mom & Dad getting in a solid block of uninterrupted, undisturbed sleep…yeh!!…even Mango slept very relaxed and peaceful for 1 1/2 hour…so all around one GREAT afternoon was had by all!…life is good!!!!

  3. I always wondered at the forced feeding. Doesn’t an upset baby whose crying burn more calories than a doclile sleeping baby who can use all those useful nutrients to grow. I do understand the concerns though. I always dreaded the scale and hearing how Aiadn was no longer in the 95percentile..85%..70%. But he was always healthy and once I got away from the stern doctor in the white coat I just had to repeat..Healthy and happy and thats OK!

  4. I admit, she seems perfectly healthy. Can be loud too ;). When we are fending gangly young guys from her, I am sure this will barely be remembered. Until then though, every day can bring reminders of struggles past and present.

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