Posted by: simplyscrambled | February 27, 2009


M – It is tough to see your child whose life lies in your hands and decide. How to decide what is best, what is right, which professional to trust. Almost every one of the ones we have met all have different ideas on how to best care for Mango. We want to do what we can for Mango, and if years from now we look back and think about what we could have done and didn’t, imagine how it would make us feel. Granted, we do everything we can, but there is always a question of whether it is enough. While acknowledging that these thoughts are irrational, they are not easy to stuff into a cupboard or simply ignore. In time all this will pass, but for the moment, it is one more thing to have to think about, one more decision to make. 😦

Worth protecting

Worth protecting



  1. how adorable…what a treasure! Only the best is good enough…care and all the rest! With all the worries of first-time parents… still try to ENJOY the little special moments with her!!

  2. pshaw. what momentous decisions can you be making at this point? as long as she’s warm and fed and loved, what else is there? put off the worrying if you can. she’s healthy and doing well and you’ll figure everything out as you go….

  3. I agree, but the days blend into one homogenous line of time and minds are blurred. Logic fades as minds and bodies struggle to cope. However, she definitely get plenty of love, and we don’t just ‘ENJOY’ the moments, we LOVE them. πŸ™‚

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