Posted by: Partial parent (still scrambled) | February 25, 2009

Life surprises

M – Some days sneak up on you. Mango smiled at me yesterday and it really surprised me. It wasn’t a grimace of discomfort due to innard workings, but a real wide gummy smile directed at me as I was grinning and talking to her. Just a few weeks ago, a ‘smile’ meant a bad thing, where she would need comforting and one of us would not be sleeping for a while to come. As noted by a grandparent, now everything we’ve endured becomes worth it. She also told us to get used to the fact that Mango would be entertaining herself on occasion now and no longer need us then. Today I heard not a ‘grumble’ but rather a ‘mumble’ from her. I checked, and there she was, happy in her bassinet, she babbling quietly to the world. My heart felt warm for something so small. I know little has really been accomplished and that if it were a 2nd, 3rd, etc. child, I probably would barely notice. I know this and I don’t care. These moments I will enjoy to the fullest and remember the best I can. If I forget, what of it? I still got to enjoy the moments while they were there. Just typing this in makes me smile. The only hard part is trying to get a picture actually smiling. Shy and mischievous she is. Life is great.  Can’t wait to see it through her eyes.

Hi world!

Hi world!

Her moods are so fleeting and fast that by the time the camera is ready, the moment is often gone. Even when you are ready, just as you take the picture, she turns or blocks her face with a hand. Oh well. We tried. 😛


  1. I can totally see the smile that just happened or is waiting to happen. She’s clearly paying attention to whoever’s wielding that camera. Watch out world, here she comes!

  2. almost smiling…a just about smile…her trying to “converse” is funny to watch…her mouth is now being used for more than yawning, taking in nutrition, crying etc…
    for real smiles in responsive interaction with the attentive, loving caretakers of that moment…
    and first attempts to talk…they are a joy to watch…very entertaining…

  3. These moments you will notice with baby 2, 3, 4, ….. and savour them all b/c they are totally worth it!!! She is adorable and her 3 boyfriends say HELLO, I am so happy for you guys and hope all is going well with your bundle of joy, I can’t wait to meet her and give her a big hug!!!!!

  4. Hi nol. I think it will all be worth it. I know there will be difficult times, but for now I am just enjoying all I can. It looks like you are having fun with your bundles of joy too. 😀

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