Posted by: Partial parent (still scrambled) | February 24, 2009

Future friendly.

M – I decided to at some photos (aren’t digital cameras great?) of Mango, and found one taken when she was a little less than a 1 month old. Running out of ways to distract her and lower the volume in the vicinity, we thought of things we could do just that. Well, the best thing we  came up with was asking family. We found some black and white designs, all sharply contrasting. It worked! For short periods anyway, because you have to remember that attention spans at that age are somewhat short. So, this one is of her being mesmerized in just way. Will she be a scholar or an artist on the street? Who knows? I for one don’t really care. Everyone takes a different path in life, and it is the one they chose, for whatever reason. Once made, choices and changes have to be adapted to and accounted for. In the end, life is good.

The black, the white, I'm so confused

The black, the white, I'm so confused


  1. not confused at all…total absorbtion…real fascination…great interest…learning. learning, learning…so much to see…

  2. Mango likes looking up too…mobiles here we come…above the basinet…above the crib…above the stroller…above the playpan…you get the idea!

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