Posted by: Partial parent (still scrambled) | February 21, 2009

Hazard pay.

M – As I was tripping over a number of miscellaneous objects  (for the baby, of course), I braced myself as I actually did fall (no harm though). After that though, it made me wonder what kind of idiots we were to suffer through everything as we have been for the past month-and-a-half with nary a word of recognition or even money. In fact, we were paying for the privilege to be abused. When I asked my cohort, all I got was laughter as D walked away carrying Mango. I was asked – firmly – not to quote anything, so I won’t. Nonetheless, I did hear an explanation of a sorts.

Can anyone explain this to me? I do rationalize it to myself, as will most parents if you ask them, but suffice it to say that money does not buy everything out there. By the way, Mango is getting more responsive by the day, and I swear that she looks at you when you talk to her (even if she has no clue as to what you are saying). Let’s just say that babies look cute for a reason.

Ah, this is the are under MY control...

Ah, this is the are under MY control...


  1. that’s a great picture!

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