Posted by: Partial parent (still scrambled) | February 20, 2009

Baby Blues

M – We decided to go out again (as in the 3 of us, not the 2 we used to be), and although it was not a pleasure outing, Mango seemed to enjoy it, or at least I think so, as it was hard to tell with her sleeping for most of the car ride. We went to a clinic regarding babies and mothers. In learning things, stresses increased, but we also can take comfort in the fact that we are doing some things the right way. Hopefully we’ll remind ourselves of those positives when we are feeling down. Once again family continues to step in when we need it most. Being parents always infuses one with something not written about in many medical text books. “Parent Guilt”. While not something new, it is new for us, and I have to say the subcategory of “Mother’s Guilt” is much stronger than that of the guilt a father feels. I suppose that is because a father often does less and can feel more helpless to begin with, so there is less built-in pressure . All supposition though.

As I was saying initially though, the outing was a success, and as usual, people ‘oohed’ and ‘aahed’ over Mango, with their initial statement invariably commenting on the amount of hair (and now pretty it was)and how beautiful/cute/adorable she looked (which we obviously knew).

Beautiful bliss

Blissfully cute

 It was wonderful to see – good thing she is too young to get a swelled head yet. 🙂 While I was barely noticed, I loved every minute of it. As it is with every parent, I think people seemed to like our girl more than the rest of the babies we saw there.


  1. Great closeup..I really see you in a lot of the photos of Mango, maybe cause I’ve known you longest. And don’t stress about percentiles and weights. A happy baby is a healthy baby and you all look happy.

  2. New moms seem to stress much too easy over percentiles, weight gain, development etc…yet in the big picture all the initial fuss, worry and uncertainty play a much smaller role than one would think while going through the worrying stage…Mango is thriving and that is what matters most…she is doing just fine…and breast feeding can get only easier as time goes on…yeast infections can be treated and they will be overcome…painful nursing will be a thing of the past…no pain and nursing becomes enjoyable…until then patience, endurance is the name of the game…bottom line, trust that it will get better and easier!!!

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