Posted by: simplyscrambled | February 17, 2009


M – Well, time remains elastic here. While it may feel static at times, looking back, the speed blurs my mind. A month ago we were alert to any changes to Mango, while now the first cry is not enough to get either one of us running to her side. As for the second one, well that is a different story again. Today feels good because she smiled at me – while snuggling with my partner. Of course, not everyone feels the same way, as she smiled at me, not someone else. Soon enough smiles will become passe and screams will be the (unwanted) attention-getters. For now, each day has lots of love, little sleep, and adorable Mango.

Sleeping again.

Sleeping beauty.



  1. sleeping beauty feels save in Dad’s loving arms…not a care…pleasant dreams…so much love!

  2. aaaahhh those tender moments…fond memories for a lifetime!!

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