Posted by: simplyscrambled | February 15, 2009


M – I am always late writing this post, so do not be surprised if an important day has passed (such as Mango’s birth :P), as I am usually aware, just a bit busy or preoccupied.

Valentine’s Day. A day for lovers, Casanovas, and everyone else. A per the norm in this household, little fuss was made over the day. About the only thing done to mark the day was having Mango in a red sleeper. Oh, and we had our 2nd picture taken of the 3 of us together. Granted, we did go out, but that was more because someone offered to look after the wee one, and free time is (usually) quiet time, so Woo-hoo! We enjoyed the day, all 5 of us. Mango had fun with a grandparent, and we had fun actually eating out – and not at a fast-food place either. All thanks to Mango’s grandparent. If you read the last post, you can see that our ‘village’ is comprised in large part of our families. For everyone, some things have more value than others. I feel it is all about priorities. Get that straight (no one way is right) and you’ll know what to do. Right now, Mango tops our list and I think it should be no other way.

More love than energy.

More love than energy.



  1. Always knew you had your priorities straight. Come March I thought I would do a drop-by for a peek if you dont mind-just doing a few projects that should be done by then.Then I could pull a shift or two if you like..just call me family.

  2. That is such a love-filled photo. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  3. Thanks :). Family is who you make it to be. As for the picture, the only one rested there is Mango. There may be happy emotions, but mostly tired ones. I think we were just awake as a group because we had an errand to run.

  4. What a nice three-some…such a lovely family picture… a special moment to treasure for years to come!!

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