Posted by: Partial parent (still scrambled) | February 14, 2009


M – Some days around here have me feel like we are living within a bubble. It is often cold outside, so we rarely venture out, and then never just to explore the neighbourhood. We do our errands in conjunction with our appointments – usually Mango’s – and then scurry back to the warmth of our abode. Family has been kind enough to precook some meals for us, which means all we have to do is reheat them. Our food supply is well stocked, we still have enough baby supplies, and our the mail-slot is within the building. Once in a while we do have to venture outside, but then it is only the few steps to the convenience store for fresh milk, juice, etc. After all, it is a store for ease of use. The closest thing this reminds me of is when I had to stay in a hospital for a number of winter months nearly a decade ago. No matter how bad it was outside, the temperature was always warm inside.

Cold? Who's cold?

Blissfully unaware

We did go out on Friday (twice for me), and although the temperature was relatively mild, it seemed much colder, just because we had been inoculated to the winter weather. Mango did just fine, protected every which way from the elements. I will say that no matter what the scales say, she is definitely getting heavier (and yes, the midwife’s scale did agree with what my arm was telling me).


  1. Mango is thriving for sure… weightwise and otherwise too…more alert during waking time..the first “cooing sounds” observed today…also can last longer between feeding times…up to 4 1/2 hours today…and on and on it goes re:her personal milestones she is achieving. Keep it up, little one, you are well loved and cared for…couldn’t ask for more loving and caring parents!!!

  2. I know the bubble. When really cold I take him out as little as possible and worry about outings that are real active since clumsy is our middle name. Be glad the world is knocking on your door for a peek, that keeps you connected.

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