Posted by: simplyscrambled | February 9, 2009


M – How do parents do it? They have no knowledge, no idea of the difficulties involved with the newborn. Sure, they may be told about what it may be like and how life will change, but like reading a textbook, the reality is so different. The learning curve is so steep, it is amazing that humanity is still thriving and growing. As someone once said to me: “if men were the ones giving birth, mankind would die out, because we would stop after the first baby. There is no way we would be willing to suffer the pain of childbirth a second time” (it obviously was a male who imparted those words of wisdom). Looking back to early January, I agree. I doubt I would volunteer to rip myself apart to have another child. Unbelievable.

Power - even asleep
Sleep = quiet time

That being said, it does not detract from the happiness she brings with her – sleepless notwithstanding.

Tired but happy 😉


  1. sleep = quiet time for parents…growing time for baby! Sweet dreams little one!

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