Posted by: Partial parent (still scrambled) | February 5, 2009

Value of mundane

M – It is amazing how nice it is to do things outside once in  while. I guess that’s why someone told us summer babies can be better than winter ones (speaking only in regard to the temperature), as the warm weather makes it easier to go for walks (even if they are short) outside! The hallway is not very exciting and the parkade is just yucky and filled with unhealthy fumes. At least this place is slightly larger than our previous one, although someone is already dreaming of a larger one and how it would be so much better, providing a plethora of reasons. 😛

Room to grow, still close to love
Room to grow, still close to love

There is not always enough space to escape, but that’s okay. We have enough help to give us time to ourselves to – or even just to rest up a bit. For me, it is still strange to imagine myself a parent. Better start studying now for future questions. 🙂


  1. A bigger place would, of course, be better in some ways … more space for each other, more room for baby/kids stuff, more storage and computer space etc. However it would also mean more to maintain, to take care of etc. and more costly?!?

    Pros & cons, as always! Nothing is perfect.

    IUsually it boils down to financial matters and finding the best compromise!!

    Love Oma

  2. oh I love that picture….the way the two girls are facing each other in their sleep…and d you look beautiful.

  3. I agree about the two girls – even though I was told it was an awful picture.

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