Posted by: simplyscrambled | February 4, 2009

Invaluable support.

M – Looking around, I am noticing the number of people offering to help us. Always appreciated, even if some advice given is dfferent from person to person. More views and knowledge can only help us, and it helps to know what has worked for others in the past. I am cognizant of the fact that one of us is bearing a larger portion of the load here with Mango, but at least the second parent does help out around the house and does some sundry tasks – even to the point of making some food (with the help of verbal instructions from Mango’s mother).

With weather like this, the memories of tropical climes come flooding back. Little does one realize the impact it can have on the entire family, when every degree is checked and rechecked to see the impact it has on the young one. 😉

Life is about learning. We are definitely learning and it is a sharp learning curve indeed.

Retro cool style

Retro cool style



  1. Hi there:

    Your blog is a nice way to get a glimpse at your daily life and being updated, at the same time, besides it is fun reading your posts!!

    Glad to hear that you are open-minded when it comes to ideas, advices, comments etc. others sprout.

    It seems unwillingly advice is given during normal conversation, even when not intending to burden “new” parents with an overload of such things, it still happens!!

    Love Oma

    P.S.: Your blog is read even when comments are not always forthcoming. Keep up this high-tech-journal! No doubt, in later years, Mango will thank you for it too.

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