Posted by: simplyscrambled | January 26, 2009


M – I am having to retype this as the site closed for maintenance just as I was about to post this earlier. Now the words are not flowing as freely. *sigh*.

It seems that we have been getting more visitors and people calling in the last two weeks than during the 9 months prior.

Yay! attention!

Yay! attention!

 No surprise there, and it is always nice to see people, especially when the place is slightly messy, ’cause then there is always the reason that Mango is taking over our space faster than we can accommodate. 😀 At over 2 weeks, there is a noticable change in her interaction with the world around – namely that she does. Her eyes focus on a single object longer and she looks at her surroundings more.



  1. Better to show more of Mango. Photos of Oma are seldom favourable! But Mango is always a cutie!! And photos don’t do her full justice!!

  2. Of course, everybody wants to see and hold your cute baby daughter! And you have more time now ( a combination of the 2-hour feeding schedule around the clock and very frigid outdoor temperatures ) makes you almost homebound and thus much more available. Most of all your former outside activities are on hold for the time being and D being on parental leave makes it easier to visit with you. See, easy to explain all the current visits. During the nine month pregnancy you both had a very busy schedule and getting together was more of a challenge then it is now. A big difference between now and then, the before life of yours!!

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