Posted by: simplyscrambled | January 25, 2009


M – Life continues to change, and some are more resistant (and jealous) than others. Our cat (by default, although that is another story in itself) for example, used to be very solitary and hide for hours on end, but is now much more social (although she often spurns me when I attempt to assuage her feels by petting her).  Oddly enough, she tends to seek attention, but then walks away when she is being coddled (not to be mistaken for cuddling, which still is adverse to). For the first few days she lay on her side and clawed a chair, but now seems more accepting of (or resigned to) the new way of life here. She wanders sadly 😦 and quietly from room to room and has gone – for the most part – back to her old patterns.

Competing for cuteness
Competing for cuteness


She is getting better though, although she is still discombobulated by the upheaval over the past few weeks. She still is not entirely comfortable with the change, as you can she in the picture how she defends her last bastion – that being our bed.

Side note:  Mango is – as of 10:00 p.m. Saturday night, 14 days old. 😮

Keeping that in mind, along with an earlier comment about how much is happening and changes are in progress all around the world, I decided to add a link to provide information (it also has links to oodles of other sites) of what happened specifically on January 10th over the years.


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