Posted by: Partial parent (still scrambled) | January 18, 2009


M – It really makes this more interesting for me now that I have something interesting (for us) to share with others. When nothing changes, there is little to type about.

What have we here?
What have we here?

 Now, even others seem to want to know more. 😮


  1. Look at the pros handling the newest member -Go OMA! And look at all that hair and I dont mean MJ lol

  2. Dear D & M:

    Of course many other people are just dying to see the baby in real life or second best, a still photo of her, for those who do not have internet, otherwise e-mailed pictures are great too. So please keep everyone posted and updated!!

    Love Oma

  3. Dear M:

    If you think there is nothing write about I think you are missing something. Once Mango is all grown up she might want to know all about her first days, weeks, months in life!

    For instance that she lifts up her head already, and all by herself (!) and she is only 12 days old. That is amazing!!

    Little things you’ll forget later on like: regained birth weight within 5 days (instead of the usual or considered normal 2 weeks!); feeding every 3 hours 24/7; burping “lady like”; her eyes are already following your finger; etc etc.

    All those little “milestones” can be fun to write about.

    Obama’s inaugeration on Tue. Jan 21. 2009, the first black president in the USA, when Mango is only 13 days old gives a bit of a political background to her growing-up-life’s-journey. Canada in a recession with how many job losses mentioned just about daily on TV will talk about the lousy economy worldwide while she is still so very young and innocent. How many Canadian soldiers have died while Mango is starting out in this world. This gives some flavour of the world Mango is born into!!!

    Why not deal with your blog site and your posts as if it is a journal! (Or like a diary, before the computer era.)

    Nothing to write about??!! Ha!

    Love Oma

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