Posted by: simplyscrambled | January 13, 2009


M – Well, it is now January 13th, 2009, and Mango is here. Actually arrived right on time. Not a lot of sleep yet, but I am sure it is worth every unslept minute. Must be nice to be catered to (although having no freedom is not the nicest though). Still, very cute. Time absorbing, but cute.



  1. Dear D & M:

    Is her nickname ‘Mango’? Will you call your little baby girl by her first or second name? Both names have a nice ring to it.
    We drove J, L & L’s friend home from diving and J sounded very excited about seeing your new baby tomorrow afternoon, Thu. Jan. 15th. 2009.

    Love Oma

  2. D-Her name was Mango in the womb–we figured no one would guess if it was a girl or a boy 🙂
    I’ve been calling her Maddy quite often–I’ll save the middle name for when she’s in trouble in the future. 🙂

  3. Hi there:

    Finally I got it figured out, the baby will be called Mango (M J H-D). Thanks for putting me straight since I got it the other way round until now.

    Love Oma (nine times over and loving it!)

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