Posted by: simplyscrambled | January 9, 2009

Life, then and now.

Well, it is January, and Mango is due in January…

Now we wait and see, as the process has begun and there is no turning back now. Life as we knew it is dead, and a whole new one has begun. We saw the midwife and the doula already, the water has broken, and now we just have to go to the hospital. Things started just before noon, so it is hard to imagine that it is already 8:30 p.m. and we are still here, with time enough for me to type this post.

Almost out now.

Around 28 weeks.



  1. I like!! I was hoping to see a picture of the wee one. I guess -12wks is wee … but not what I was expecting. Now that you have all this time on your hands (I laugh) I hope to see a lot of pics on this blog.

  2. Red, we’ll try to post pictures to please you (and others). In the meantime, enjoy and visit our baby blog any time 😉

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